Our daily bread program is very important to us and our community. It is important to us, that we are able to help feed the community around us who are in need of support. Our volunteers work hard to make sure that we are able to provide the groceries bundles that we offer each week. We have become well know for being generous with our donations. We take pride in knowing that we are able to provide this service but most importantly the minstry that the lord has called us to do. House of help has many partners that help make our ministry possible. We feed about 150 families a week and we are growing. We believe that everyone should have access to the nutritious foods they need so that they may live a healthy and productive life.

In order for anyone to receive groceries from House of Help & its' affiliates the applicants must fullfill some criteria. These criteria are put in place by both House of Help as well as our affiliates.




Low Income
Low income individuals and families are defined as having an income of less than 200% of the
Federal Poverty Level.
Sample Maximum Gross Income Limits:
Household Size         Annual Income         Monthly Income
1                                    $21,780                      $1,815
2                                    $29,420                      $2,452
3                                    $37,060                      $3,088
4                                    $44,700                      $3,725

For each additional Household member
                                      $7,640                         $637


Daily bread takes place every Thursday from 4:00 PM.
In order to get food applicants are to insure that they have a valid copy of their Drivers License or ID.

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